silver mini stud singles

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Sterling silver mini studs pick'n'mix.
They are sold as singles.
Put two of any design in your basket if you want a matching - or mismatching - pair.
Concave leaf dome is 6mm diameter with a polished edge.
Selene is 7.5mm diameter and has a little cluster of balls in the dome.
Oval leaf dish is 8.5mm x 7.5mm oval curved dish with a leaf texture.
These cute little studs are great everyday pieces or when the work dress code says no dangling earrings but you still want to look stylish.
The last three photos shows their relative size to the standard sized studs.

The picture is representative of the earring you will receive, but as the leaf textures are created from real skeleton leaves and each little ball is made from melted scrap and randomly placed, each one will differ slightly. This makes each single (or pair!) unique.