As customers and supporters of my jewellery business, I may hold some information about you (your name, email address, and in come cases, your postal address and telephone number). This is a short note setting out everything you could ever wish to know about how I collect, use and store this information. But if you still have any questions after reading this, please contact me.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When I talk about "information", I am only referring to your contact details. I never have access to your financial information when you make payments using PayPal, Shopify (my online shop) or bank transfer. All sensitive financial information is held securely by the processing companies, and they never share this with me or anyone else.

How I collect information

Whenever you order a piece of jewellery from me, either directly or through my on-line shop you give me sufficient information about you to enable me to process the order.

I also have a contact form that asks for your contact information.

Who has access to your information

Basically, just me! As sole maker and business owner, I am the only one who ever has access to your information, and I never, ever, ever pass this on to anyone else.  If you pay me via my on-line shop with Shopify, they will also hold information about you. The same goes for buying via PayPal. Please see their own privacy policies for more details.

How I use your information

I don’t collect contact details for a mailing list (though I probably should). I will only use the details you provide me with to deliver on the purchase / commission / query you make.

If you have completed the contact form, you can expect to hear from me using the contact information you've provided.   

When I eventually retire and stop making jewellery, I will not be selling the business on to any other party. The information you have given me will stay with me.

How I store information

I am quite old school and nearly all the commission design details are hand written in my design books. These live with me at a private rural address and only leave there to come to fairs with me. Electronic information is similarly stored on an apple mac at the same address and on a password protected iphone. The electronic information comprises of email, facebook or instagram conversations regarding orders or commissions, and invoices relating to sales. Hard copies of the invoices are also stored at the same address and are required for accounting purposes.

Your rights

You can ask me at any time what information I hold about you, and I will give you full details free of charge. You also have the right to ask that your details be deleted, amended or transferred. If you ever change your mind about what information, if any, you want me to hold on your behalf, just ask me. Whilst I will keep details of my designs indefinitely, I can redact any personal information relating to you from the design details. Similarly, the invoices I raise for accounting for any purchases/ commissions you have made, I can redact your contact details from if you request it.