silver domed leaf necklace with dewdrop

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Sterling silver dome pendant with impressed leaf texture, on a barleycorn chain and set with a gemstone dewdrop. 24mm round domes.

This is an absolute timeless classic that is sure to never to go out of fashion. The dewdrop gemstone gives it that little bit of sparkle and the individual leaf used to produce the texture makes each piece unique.
Picture 1 and 2 set with moonstone. Picture 2 shows them set with milky aquamarines. Also available is pale sky blue topaz and inky iolite and green peridot. If you would like a different gemstone choice, please send me a message to discuss options.

The picture is representative of the necklace you will receive, but as the leaf textures are created from real skeleton leaves, each pendant will differ slightly.
They are on a 40cm length barleycorn chain, but if you would like a different chain length, then please send me a message.