silver Selene long wrap necklace

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Silver long wrap around necklace made with recycled silver. Inspired by the lunar landscape, Selene is the Greek word for moon.

Each little silver ball is made from melted silver scrap and the silver sheet and wire used to make the dish is ecosilver. The hinged clasp is standard silver.

The dishes are 12mm and 18mm diameter and the necklace is a continuous length of approximately 104m. It can be worn as one long loop or doubled up to make a short (approx 50cm) necklet. Or the clasp can be move up the links to make a lariet style necklace.

Ecosilver is a silver that has been recycled back via a traceable process into fine silver and is 100% recycled.

The picture is representative of the necklace you will receive, but as each little ball is made from melted scrap and randomly placed and each link is handmade from wire, each necklace is unique.